Monday, December 05, 2005

I have a dream

The 5th of December... Do you think that the Christmas train is speeding up a little bit?

This sweater Short Raglan (design by Amanda Griffiths from the book The Ultimate Knitter's Guide) was done the same year I learnt to knit the hand puppets. The garn I used was Istex L├ętt-Lopi.

It was a good year. 2001. The year my knitting horizons just broadened. Year a learning and discovering. I thought that these knots were so great, I still do.

I started to keep a knitting journal of which I'm happy now, because I want to make this sweater longer. I haven't checked the journal but I hope I wrote down the needle size...

Now I'm getting little bit of the same feeling with the lace.

First I was afraid that I was wasting too much time knitting with pencil and paper but once I understood how the pattern is going now I'm actually saving time. I don't need to go back to the chart before the stitch pattern changes.The colour - blue!
Wetterhoff Veera with the needle size 3 mm.
I'm making the first part of the shawl a little longer, I want a bit bigger than the first one.

And eagerly waiting to get to the point where the pattern changes hoping to discover something new.

This is a long journey... I have a dream of drawing my own lace, transferring it to a stitch pattern and then into a garment or a shawl. I know it may never happen but I have this dream.


  1. Dreams are always the best starting point. The short raglan is great, and the knots on the hem make a simple sweater something special.

  2. Those knots are cool. Given your climate, though, I can imagine why you might want to lengthen the sweater. I know what you mean about understanding the lace pattern. The first time I knit a sock, I couldn't visualize what was going on with the heel turn and gusset, so I just followed the pattern step by step. Next time I made a sock, though, I took the time to understand it and now it's so much easier. Your shawls are gorgeous!

  3. I never saw a knotted hem like that before! It's very clever.