Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hello from the closet

Yesterday did not turn out to be my day...

Here a mistake discovered...This is Hyrna Horborgar a bit later...Did I mention something about not needing to look at the chart and that I'm actually saving time?I took a pause from knitting...
went to kitchen and made gingerbread cookies...
See the burnt paws.Today we, Miss Piggy and I, will keep perfect company to each other. She is a very simple little pig who runs little errands for Mrs Sheep and looks after her little lambs. If you set big tasks and expect too much from her she will go and sit in a closet for a long time and she needs lots of encouragement to be able to come out again. Christmas time is especially hard on her ... many people have ham for Christmas so she is in constant fear and practically in the closet all the time. We are here together. We don't have any plans to come out.
PS. Southern Norway Fairytale, Kilpisjärvi is very far from this closet.

PS. Don't think Aki Kaurismäki was in the Presidential Party yesterday - not sure though - but Kati Outinen, who is in most of his movies, got Pro Finlandia yesterday in recognition of her merits.

Finns are known to be quiet people - Kati Outinen said in an interview yesterday that being able to be quiet is a gift to be treasured ... so there will be silence in the closet..


  1. Sonja10:33

    Rakastan blogiasi. Asenteet kohdallaan ja luotettava päivitystahti. Ilo lukea. Neulotujen ystäviesi tarinat ovat blogin parasta antia. Voisin hehkuttaa vielä pidemminkin, mutten viitsi.

  2. I just love your blog!
    My day is always brightened when I read it.

  3. Southern Norway Fairytale16:28

    Pity about Kilpisjärvi beeing so far away or you would have a Norwegian on wooden skies at your door talking the heavenliness of wollen underwear, wollen socks, wollen scaves, wollen gloves......

  4. I just love your knitted animals. Can you reveal the pattern source? Your gingerbread cookies look fine to me, at least you made cookies :D

  5. Ella19:41


    seuraan blogiasi mielellään. Neulotut"ystäväsi" kiinnostavat kovasti. Mistä olet saanut ohjeen? Ella

  6. Each of your little knitted friends is charming. I particularly like your Miss Piggy's costume, and I wonder if you made her little basket, too.

  7. Oops. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day and I hope you will both be out and about by then.

    Glad to hear Kati Outinen was rewarded, she's an amazing actor.