Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Fourth Advent

This is a Gingerbread BirdFeeder by Lene and Miksu (in alphabetical order) filled with candy.

This Christmas is the second time I make this feeder and my husband and I cannot agree which one of us came up with this idea first... So far every year a different gingerbread house has been made and we as a family discuss what it should be every year so all of us can give ideas. Miksu and I, we both think that the birdfeeder is such a clever idea that we would each like to take the honour of it... so today we agreed that we will both sign this...
This picture is from the previous year, the new one is not up yet.

The temperature is maybe 6 degrees centigrade below zero, ordinary winter day around 11 am today...
Hyrna Herborgar by the lake...

Blurred detailed vision ... the mistakes won't be too obvious like this...
And here on the snow...

What would I do differently if I were to do it again?

I should have started it over the third time because once I spotted the mistakes I did not pay enough attention to it and kept making new mistakes... But this I will forget, probably in few months they won't matter any more, but is quite disturbing at the moment. I'm satisfied how this blocked and how the shawls feels now but it is not as nice as the first one with the handspun yarn. I never thought I would say this because I have compared my handspun yarn with homemade wine... I have a feeling that this yarn will bounce back after a while and the handspun will keep its shape better. Maybe this yarn should be steamed... A lot was learnt with this.

The fourth advent shows you a felted domino backbag. When I had the workshop by Vivian she had some beautiful little lacy baskets on the table made with domino technique. The construction of the backbag is the same Vivian uses in her baskets and hats but me being a Finn and since Finns have an everlasting love for backbags it was only natural to make one. I felted it only a little in washing machine.I did get to knit a little bit yesterday... I'll try to make a white tiny bunny out of the angora but other than that I'm not sure what I will do next... It will be so nice to settle down to knit in peace when the Christmas train finally pulls at the station.


  1. The shawl looks great!

  2. Hi Lene! Your shawl is an absolute gem! This picture of it hanging from the tree is breathtaking. Bravo!!!

  3. your shawl is wonderful! I Love it...

  4. I thought I was done with blue, but your shawl is making me love the color all over again. It's absolutely splendid!