Saturday, December 17, 2005

Finally finished!

Here! Look!
Completed, finished!

I blocked her this morning and tomorrow I'll take her to the photo shoot spot.I had trouble with her to the last row, had to change the needle to a longer one and found out that I did not own size 3 mm 80 cm long bambu needles so I changed into metal ones and from then on it was like driving on slippery roads... While blocking I found several mistakes and first thought I'd take pictures of them and then decided to have mercy on myself and be satisfied! I'm plain happy it is off the needles.

There is one teenager in this house that you have not yet met... The Little Rabbit.

Now you all wonder why she is all brown in the middle of the winter when the other rabbits around where she lives are white... It is because she lives in Nadja's (the other one of the twins) room and behaves like the rest of her age group. It is extremely difficult to get her to go out to the fresh air. She loves to read books

her favorite reading being The Redwall Stories...

and danceand if she is not dancing she is reading and vice versa.

She had to do a pose with her best friend... so typical for teenagers.I have to go and help Miss B, she will get company for Christmas... I think Wednesday or Thursday... and we need to do some baking today.


  1. Beautiful shawl you have made!

  2. Oh that is just gorgeous Lene!
    You completed that fast.
    Very nice work!

    Other than the mistakes you say there is that no one but yourself can see, did it turn out the way you had hoped?
    would you do anything different if you were to knit it again?

    I love your Puppets and the stories about them too! So cute. What a sweet little book she has too!

    Now I have to get busy and finish my end of the deal. Oh dear!

  3. A beautiful shawl, many many congratulations!

  4. denise16:32

    Shawl is ooo-la-la & rabbit is too cute!

  5. The Little Rabbit is very sensible. When it's that cold outside, sitting indoors with a good book is just the thing to do.

    Did you make the book too? It's darling, especially the little cross-stitched cover.

  6. Anonymous04:07


    This is Gene Gross from Cleveland, Ohio. Marie gave me your blog address. Beautiful knitting and beautiful web pages too! I'm a computer programmer and I don't even have a blog.

    Merry Christmas!