Saturday, December 03, 2005

Even if you were an angel Cristmas shopping would take its toll

You have to trust me: there is some progress.

If you have doubts at least the picture tells you the yarn is still the same. This is the kind of knitting you'd like to do in your own chambers the world totally shut outside. When you start checking the same row from the beginning for the tenth time and again you are asked questions like
where's the black sweater
or have you seen my school bag
you wish you had cast on for something simpler...

I saw her flying home late last night. She told me she had gone Christmas shopping, and she had thought it was early and there wouldn't be many shoppers yet. But she was wrong.

She looked so worn I was afraid she had again lost another mitten, but no... luckily it was stuck into her pocket.Later on I saw she had cast the wings, her little purse, mittens and shopping on the floor...
and found her tucked between the books sipping something hot and looking quite relaxed.

PS. The flu has hit the family severely. There is lots of sneezing and coughing in every corner of the house. Even the little red dog has been having an eye inflammation... Today is the Moose Celebration... or would have been.

PS. The pulse warmers are only accessories here during the winter months. And you have to trust me on this one too: if you know how to do the knit stitch you know how to make beaded pulse warmers. First you string the beads and then knit with this beaded yarn, no sewing.


  1. Odotan innolla, miltä huivi tulee näyttämään valmiina. Näyttää lupaavalta!

  2. Oh, she is just delightful! My kids would love your stories. It's still early in the morning here (Connecticut, eastern USA), so when they wake up, I think I'll bring them in and let them share in the joy your blog brings!

    I hope you're all feeling better soon.

  3. Elizabeth D04:38

    Lene, when you started making your wonderful creatures, did you follow a pattern? Or have you always just made them up? I'd love to know how to do that. . .you can answer me at elizabeth.a.durand [1t] gmail [dot] com

  4. Those tiny, tiny mittens, and those lovely wings... how do you do it? I suppose those long winter evenings you have up above the arctic circle have something to do with it?