Friday, December 09, 2005

Back on Track

Still no progress pictures of Hyrna Herborgar because I haven't reached the point yet where I had to face the cruel fact that frogging was the only way to go... I'm getting there and it makes my heart sing again...

During these few past days I have been facing a failure, disappointment, frustration, wave of "sisu", and then commitment and joy, and at least the feeling of accomplishment is there to come. This project isn't all that creative since I'm following a pattern but am gaining knowledge needed to be able to be creative. This qualifies as an experience. Maybe not quite as climbing Mount Everest but close...

But then ... You all must know that, I'm more or less talking to myself, justifying the hours put in this project. This morning when I had to tink one and a half rows it did not get my spirits down because of the recent frogging experience. So add strength to the above list.

The older I get my sentences are making less and less sense. When I open my mouth can never be quite sure which word pops out next. It could be practically anything ... Sometimes I mix the order of letters, sometimes I combine two words into one ... The possibilities are endless - ask my girls or my husband, they have plenty of examples.

Now I'm having this fear that what if this happens with the knitting also? The mistake I made with Hyrna is scary, what if I keep repeating myself? And can never be quite sure whether I'm going to do a yarn over, or purl or knit two together next ... all these at random...

(I should look at the bright side - maybe I'm closer to designing my own lace pattern... )

To build up the confidence I dressed this yesterday. It is Lace Dream by Eugen Beugler from the book Shawls and Scarves. You may remember that I have one already, that is true, I made two in a row. This one was made because I needed something quite easy (it is true!) , but not too easy (true again!) for a trip. The yarn used was Veera by Wetterhoff with needles 3,5 mm. The same yarn I'm using at the moment and I wanted to see how it reacts when dressed. It is quite springy but then again I did not dress it strongly.

I love the colour. It is definitely a Christmas Shawl.


  1. But it's not blue, what happened?

  2. I really love the color! Your right it is very Christmassy!

  3. How lovely to see something RED here!