Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Anything for a smile

The shawl update: only 20 rows to go, but very very long rows... I had to face some ugliness yesterday when I finished blogging. I found this on the dog bed:
It was the little one but I blame the cat also. This was a team effort. They love to play Catch me! When the old cat thinks he has had enough and the little one does not feel the same, the cat finally jumps somewhere high to be safe. The dog tries to get him to change his mind and barks and barks and barks ... and barks and the cat finally gets fed up with the yapping. So he will throw something at her, anything, and in this case it was a skein of yarn. This is not the first time it was yarn.

My sixteenyear old said to me the other day when she came home from school and I was in the hallway dressed to get out: I love it when I see this... Instantly I thought, she loves to see me when she comes home from school! But life around teenagers have taught me not to jump into conclusions, so I asked cautiously, what do you mean?

I did not expect to hear this: "That you are going out the moment I come in, but you are still in the hallway so I don't have to look for the key!"

Yesterday the same happened. I was due to leave at four, the same time the bus passes this remote place on earth and brings her home. So encounter again in the hallway, she was happy and gave me her best smile and she said: "I knew you would wait for me to get in!"

This is an outfit I made about sixteen years ago while expecting her. I didn't know whether the baby would be a boy or a girl, that's why there is no blue or red in it. I think the pattern was from a German magazine but this part of the memory is very vague - anyway not my own design. (It is a pity that the green yarn is showing through where the trees are and the finishing leaves a lot to hope for...)The back side...A hat and little bootees to match...
I used to be the center of her universe ... Now I'll wait in the hallway dressed up in outdoor gear so that she sees me going out and doesn't have to dig the key from her school bag to get her genuine smile...


  1. Kids! Always the center of your universe - just on loan though.....

  2. Hi! Lene,
    your shawl is looking really wonderful, your almost done!
    I did't do much knitting at all yesterday. Maybe today will be a better day for that.
    Parent of teens, I feel for you.
    I have an 18 year old Son who told me he really needed me yesterday... after my heart skipped a beat and I got all happy, he finished his sentence with...
    to please do some of my laundry."
    what a let down..., but he said "please" so that made me happy.

  3. Did you have plans for that blue stuff in Tina's bed? Were you able to rescue it?

  4. Also, I am puzzled. You say no blue, but surely there is blue in the baby outfit? Or are you only talking about the part with the pine trees and the stars?