Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It is blue all over

First I want to thank you all on behalf of Miss B for the nice comments. Although she is missing her good friend who won't be up before spring she is enjoying this tremendously.

Winter! Snow!

I took the dogs out for a walk and saw who else had been in the neighborhood. There were tracks of birds, hares, squirrels, a cat and then this.

I believe it is of a moose. The other night coming home very late I saw one again in a near by field.

We all saw a herd of reindeer but they vanished the very moment they spotted us. The temperature is a little bit under zero and the sun was up for a little while. There were waves in the lake early in the morning when it was windy, now the wind has died out and you can see how the ice is building up.

Now when the snow has come and the day light time is only few hours the colour outside is some kind of blue at all hours. These pictures were taken around noon...

During the weekend I was roaming aimlessly. Did a little bit of this...

It's Shetland wool and spins by itself. Pure joy! Maybe for a shawl. Should I try to dye it? Maybe blue?

... and that

the socks. It's like there is some kind of friction in the yarn, it is so slow.

I uppgraded my knitting gear. So far I have had only ugly plastic stitch markers that break before I'm finished with the row so I felted myself new. First felted, then embroidered.

And finally was Monday, the new week and a new project.

The package from Kim Hargreaves arrived. I have not yet touched the cardigan, but today I'll cast on. The wool (Rowan Felted Tweed) feels great and the colour (Treacle) is perfect - it has small specks of blue in it. Pure enjoyment lined up.

And the tippet. It's almost done. Only to weave in the ends and attach the ribbon. It was easy and quick to do although getting used to size 10 mm needles takes some time. The yarn is Jaeger Fur. It is lovely.

I wrote: today I'll cast on... the wool looks almost too good to touch. What if I do something wrong and turn this wool into crap. I know I'm capable of it...


  1. Those felted stitch markers are so cool, your such a creative lady,what a brilliant idea......

  2. What W said! They are adorable, why didn't I think of that?

    I did't comment on Miss B, she is so cute! Was that a pattern you found somewhere or your own creation?

  3. There's always something new and creative to see here. I love your stitch markers! Please show us one in use sometime, so we can tell what size they are. They look like Christmas tree ornaments to me, but I know they can't actually be that big!

  4. Rantakuva on hieno!

  5. Elizabeth D21:44

    Lene -- I wanted to ask a long question about a post from a month ago, so it's really not appropriate here. But I can't find your email address anywhere, and when I click on the button that says I can send you email, it asks for that address. Could you send me a note, to elizabeth.a.durand [at] gmail [dot] com, so I can send you my note? Thank you --

  6. Love your site - have tagged you - hope you interested....:) from Australia

  7. miriammwc@wmconnect02:47

    Not only am I impressed with your knitting, your English is perfect. Love the wrap sweater and the pictures. I am going to check in every chance I get. Thank you for blogging.