Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Follow your instincts

This is not the kind of entry "I'm proud to present..."

There is nothing to be proud of. This is a beret from a Finnish Magazine MODA 2/2005. The shape is lovely. I followed the pattern exactly (except for the crocheted rose). To my taste the yarn Drops Alpaca is too soft to hats and the size of needles was too big. Yet I knew this from the very beginning! Why did I ignore this inner voice and just kept on knitting and thought that I will like this, and here I have a hat that feels like a cloud of soft wool which by any windy moment might fly off...

If a put a lining to it, it would be better. Oh well.

I hear a Christmas train approaching and I have to catch it.


  1. livnletlrn in connecticut, usa12:29

    Hi Lene --

    Your blog is now one of three that I visit every day. I love to see all your beautiful knitting, get glimpses of life in your part of the world, and read your delightful stories!

  2. May we see it on you?

    Do you object to potential lack of warmth, or to lack of stability? Maybe it could become an indoor hat, ornamental rather than practical