Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cotton Weather

Good news!

My car is not beyond repair and is going to cost a lot less than was anticipated... So to get back to the normal state of mind after days of agonizing over the trouble with the car I took a straight course to the local yarn shop and bought these:

See the white there. Life might be turning to black and white only, or it might not. At least not yet...

Yes, the moose. They tend to hide in the woods and go away when they hear intruders. But yestarday when I came home by bus, got off the bus in the main road and trotted happily with the new yarn in my bag along the sandy road that winds through a small forest to our house I almost bumped into two! I guess I wasn't even looking around, more sort of focusing on the new knitting yarn and the socks to be and the two crossed the road only 25 yards from me. The encounter was so quick, the camera did not even come to my mind. It may take a while before this happens again, but I try to act then and get a picture. But I should be able to show you some reindeer before too long - hope.

There was a herd of 60 reindeer close by but this person scared them away:

Tina 15 months The Pivocoli is finished. I put the last sticth on it last night, took it to my photo shoot spot today. See the ice is all gone. The winter has shrunk into few puddles. We have been getting warm weather - I would enjoy this thoroughly if it wasn't already November. This doesn't feel right. But extremely good cotton knitting weather. If the weather stays like this I'm going to need some more cotton. I really like this knit and it's going to be one of the favourites. So the yarn was Jaeger Aqua (abt 250 grams) and the needle size was 4 mm. It is a little longer than in the pattern.

The scarf. I have been spinning and I realize experience is needed. Just how many years of it are we talking? The produced yarn looks ok until I put it on the needles and start knitting. Most often the product is nothing but a clumpy piece of wool, hard to detect the type of pattern used. No matter how gentle I'm to me there is a limit to this ... But no, am not giving up. Have to keep the wheel turning. And turning.

Today we took the dogs out for a long walk through the woods and had lunch out there. It was a bit chilly and now I'll take my knitting, this scarf, pull my feet up and knit... for the rest of the day. Which is if I'm lucky two hours...

PS. My husband thinks I should put my picture somewhere here... so this is me today eating out. It was plain coffee and the cold weather was coloring my nose so red.


  1. Hello Lene! nice to "see" you!

  2. I have the same response to car repair bills. If the repairs cost less than I think, I celebrate with yarn. If the repairs cost more than I think, I "recover" with yarn.

  3. Renée from Wisconsin04:41

    Your husband was right. It was good to have an "introduction" picture. Nice to meet you! And am looking forward to more of your adventures and interesting stories.

  4. I'd love to see a reindeer picture, but having one of you will tide me over, for now. Hard to believe you've got both reindeer *and* cotton knitting weather. Strange. ;-)

  5. PirkkoK13:44

    Saisko kuvan, jossa picovoli on sun päällä?
    Tosi kivoja juttuja sinulla ja nautin myös noista luontokuvista. Samalta näyttää säätila tällä hetkellä myös täällä Vihdissä.

  6. Guylaine14:55

    Hello! Nice to meet you... This is a very nice picture... I will come back soon!

  7. Janeen16:16

    It's nice to put a face with your name and "meeting" you! Beautiful you live in a log home?
    Love your lace knitting!

  8. I'm really enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for the picture, it's nice to see you. A reindeer picture would be great.

  9. Greetings from Alaska! Ejoyed your blog. I have a very good friend near Esbo. Hope to make a trip there in the future.

  10. livnletlrn14:05

    I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog and looking forward to learning more about life north of the Arctic Circle! That zig-zag path in the forest looks delightful and the sunrise picture over the lake is gorgeous!!

  11. Anonymous22:20

    I love how Picovoli turned out! Are you planning on wearing it under your blue alpaca cardigan? I love that sock yarn too! I feel like you're my neighbor since you blog is right next door. Its so fun to see what you're up to every week :)

  12. Anonymous18:21

    Love your blog.
    Please tell us all about life in the far north.

  13. * Thank you for your delightful blog - I don't recall how I found it, but Cheers ! You are lovely.
    I have just started to learn HOW to knit - !
    - and you are a magnificent inspiration.