Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wear Thy Knitting

I love knitting.

While being baptized more than 45 years ago one of the good fairy godmothers must have put a ball of yarn to my palm while whispering ... in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer...
if there is an eternity, I hope to be able to knit right through it.

That will do for an introduction. Please keep in mind, I'm newborn blogger, and after couple of months I'll probably blush when I think of these first entries.

How many times have I looked into my closets thinking I have nothing to wear?

To be honest I don't even have to look into them, I know I have nothing.

It is not good, when my husband asks me should we go out for a night, maybe theatre and dinner, or just for a few pints in our favourite pub, the first thing I think is, what shall I wear instead of how nice to go out.

And then how can this be true, since I have been knitting practically my whole life. And I have done so many interesting pieces, cables, lace, basket weave, embroidered knits, stripes, plain...

And when the moment comes, there is absolutely nothing to wear.

So this brings me to my new knitting era: wear thy knitting. From now on, I'm only going to knit what I'm going to wear (plus occasional gifts, also to myself).

Now I will need to think hard what I need.

Middleaged mother in the middle of nowhere, three dogs and a cat. It calls for practicality.

Three teenaged daughters being ashamed for their mother's outdated wardrobe. Not too madame-like - yet.

A husband to hold on. So a little bit of sex appeal would not hurt. (Susanna, I don't want to push my luck with the orange camping towel!)

Cold winters, cold hands and icy toes. It calls for wool. Mostly wool. And socks and mittens and hats.

Face fading and lines dropping, so color would add some sparkle to my being. - what color?!!

I love blue jeans. Most of the knitting would have to match.

While I'm thinking about all this...

please, meet my companions. They will soon start hibernating, so this might be the very last chance before next spring. The hedgehog is a gardener while the badger is a knitter. (Both knitted - in case you wondered)

PS. I love lace. I don't have to give it up, do I?


  1. Oh boy!

    This is going to be fabulous. I can't wait to follow your journey. I'm going to think about wardrobe items...

  2. Tervetuloa bloggaamaan!
    Sama vika täällä. Komero täynnä neuleita ja ei koskaan mitään päällepantavaa! Itselle neuloessa käy usein niin, että kun työ on valmis ja sovittaa sitä päälle näyttää omasta mielestään lihavalta ja sitten neuleen antaa/myy sille laihalle mannekiinimittaiselle ystävälleen, jonka päällä kaikki näyttää hyvältä.

  3. How great to be able to follow your world of knitting - even though you are living by the edge of the world.
    Your knitting is really special - no doubt about that!

  4. Anonymous00:49

    Welcome to blogging, Leena!


  5. I want Miss B!!! :-) Where did you get her pattern?

  6. I just found your blog and just HAD TO start reading from the beginning! You are a truly gifted knitter! And i love your writing, too.

    I will definitley continue reading!

    PS Very cute hegdehog + friend, I suppose it's soon hibernating time again?


  7. Hi!
    I don't know very well how I've found your blog, but I love it!
    I live in south of Spain (too hot most of the year to wear real wool ..) and I find so interesting to be able to see "your world" so far away from mine.
    Happy knitting!

  8. My sister suggested that I should order a size down--being an 8-10 with a C cup, I got an 8, and it's pretty good. (I got a red dress) it was thin, and needed some ironing.