Monday, October 17, 2005

Nice colour!

After two weeks of labouring my knitting got some attention from the family yesterday:

Nice colour!

No more, no less.

This weekend was spent cleaning the yard. The teenagers participated also after negotiating for pay. As Miina told you in her entry from Saturday the wind suddenly turned north and it became very cold. Until Friday the autumn has been pleasant and warm, the temperature almost 10 degrees centigrade daily but since Saturday the temperature had dropped down close to zero. All the gear that was lying around during the summer had to be collected inside before the snow. The weather forecast was promising us snow by the end of the week.

We would prefer to have very low temperature first and no snow. Then the lake would freeze and we could skate on the ice. Later on when the snow comes, we get so much of if, that it will be impossible to keep the ice clean.

I did not get much time to seriously knit, just had to crab the moment but there is progress. One sleeve to go. While pondering on the next task I might knit socks in the mean time.

True. It is my book shelf in the picture. It needs some sorting out. I did not realize the state it is in before I took the picture. You can't even see any decent reading there (although I have some good knitting books) - just a pile of old magazines...

This is Kille. He, like most of the cats, lies there where the wool is. During the daytime - that is. At nights he hunts for mice outside. Until it gets very cold. Then he just stays inside and waits for better hunting weather.

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  1. Could we have a close-up so we can see what the ribbing looks like? And how about a side shot so we can check out the shaping sans seams...

    And your family is correct, it is a nice color and I bet it fits you beautifully!