Friday, October 07, 2005

Blue Period

If I recall right Picasso had a blue period (you with a well functioning memory, forgive me if I'm thinking of the wrong guy here...) and I might be entering mine. It seems to me it is going to be a long period. I wonder how long was Picasso's.

What I'm going to do with this all this blue is a cardigan, and something to wear underneath with or without sleeves, socks definately (Sisu is for the socks) and then maybe something small, a hat or a scarf maybe...

The outlining of the cardi is here. Not very long, fitting and simple, with as little finishing as necessary, set-in sleeves though. I pinned also the neckline of the with/without sleeves there, but it looks a little bit crowded. The yarn for the cardi is Drops Alpaca, the lighter in the picture. The yarn is very soft, so I'll try tight ribbing 1k/1p.

One of the best things about knitting is that you can shape you garment while knitting and eliminate seams. I find side seams disturbing when there is shaping and try to do without them. So so far so good. Well set goals!

And then... The yarn is difficult to see. I tried swatching with it, but could not see what I was doing. So I switch to white yarn and tell myself that when I have got the increasing, decreasing and the front opening stitches correct I'll do another swatch with the Alpaca. Looks like I have a long way ahead trying to get everything sorted. Look here, not nice, not at all. Something wrong with the goals?... I'll try harder and if it still looks like a piece of scrap I try something else.

The final picture shows you the Eugen Beugler Lace Dream shawl knitted from the book of Shawls and Scarves (The best of Knitter's Magazine). The yarn used is Silvia by Wetterhoff 30%silk/70% wool, 500m/50g (used little more than 100 g) with 4 mm needles.

As you can see we are living here on the edge of the world. You can't go much further without dropping off the world. There aren't too many temptations out there, you can either showel snow 9 months out of 12 or fight with the mosquitos the rest three. First time I arrived here I was not given a choice but second time I came here from my own free will... There is one (can't be the only one) good reason to stay up here, you have plenty of time to knit!!

PS. Plus knitting you can also see how I'm progressing with learning to blog. You might ask why don't you consult the teenagers, they could help you... They could...


  1. Minullakin on jatkuva sininen kausi ja sini-lila ja vihreä ja fuksia....mutta tuo sininen vahvimpana. Valkoinen kausi oli ja meni. Mustaa, keltaista ja ruskeaa kautta ei ole eikä tule, noilla väreillä neulon ainoastaan, jos joku pyytää.

  2. I feel exactly the opposite about seams. They add structure and stability to a garment and help reinforce shaping (if you think architecturally, compare constructing an igloo with building a cathedral- I'm definitely in the cathedral business). I would be worried about working in alpaca, however tightly I knit it, and not have the support of seams.

  3. Anonymous22:53

    mikset kirjoita suomeksi? jos kerta suomalaisten neuleblogien listalla olet. ja olisi kivaa jos liityt blogilistalle.

  4. Carol in Texas01:24

    How exciting to see your lovely work on the web. I'm looking forward to see what you create over the winter.
    Best wishes,
    Carol in Texas

  5. Lyn In Melbourne, Australia08:02

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work. The shawl is stunning and your idea of measuring out on the frame has great possibilities.

  6. Anonymous09:42

    Täällä toinen puikonheiluttaja Napapiirin tuntumasta. Sininen on minunkin lempivärini, mutta en pue sitä päälleni, muuten kuin murrettuina sävyinä. Väri ei sovi minun hipiääni. Suosin enemmän lämpimiä sävyjä kuten oranssia, ruskeaa ja punaista.